Important Dates

Paper registration deadline:
February 1, 2010

Submission deadline:
February 10, 2010

Acceptance notification: 
April 16, 2010

Final version:
June 1, 2010

September 7-9, 2010





ITC-22 will take place at the Science Park Amsterdam, the small piece of polder land in the Amsterdam metropolis. The conference will be held at

Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI)
Science Park 123
1098XG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Science Park Amsterdam is an inspiring location for scientists and entrepreneurs to meet, exchange knowledge with one another and develop new commercial and scientific initiatives jointly or among themselves. This special place, over 70 hectares in area, is only a stone's throw from the centre of Amsterdam. Science Park Amsterdam is rapidly developing as a leading international centre for the exact sciences and business.

Literally the biggest Internet hub in Europe, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), is based at Science Park Amsterdam. Way back in the 1980s it was here that the very first e-mail sent from the United States reached Europe, putting Science Park Amsterdam at the beginning of the Internet revolution.

Highly reputed institutes such as the CWI, Nikhef, SARA Computing and Networking Services, the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics and the Faculty of Science are based at Science Park Amsterdam. Among the hundreds of scientists working at these institutes do pioneering and inspirational research into such areas as grid computing, astroparticle physics, microscopy, system biology, nanotechnology, astronomy and ICT. The fields in which they work are so ground-breaking that they have been awarded millions of euros in research grants.

CWI, founded in 1946, is the national research center for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands. CWI's strength is the discovery and development of new ideas, and the transfer of knowledge to academia and to Dutch and European industry. This results in importance for the Dutch economy, from payment systems and cryptography to telecommunication and the stock market, from public transport and internet to water management and meteorology.

CWI was a birthplace of the world-wide internet. was the first national domain name ever issued anywhere. The popular language Python was invented at CWI, the language in which Google was developed. CWI applied combinatorial algorithms to the scheduling of the Dutch railway system. XML-databases were built to the needs of the Netherlands Forensic Institute and 3D visualization techniques to better detect cancer tumors.